X Users Point Out Alex Jones Still Banned After Musk Claims Platform Values Free Speech ‘Just As Much’ As Rumble --- --- Watch: Russell Brand Exposes ‘Trusted News Initiative’ Behind Big Tech & UK Gov Collusion to Silence Him --- --- Austin Sees Influx of Crickets — Local Media Wants Residents To Eat Them --- --- Canadians Unite In Massive Protests Against Trans Mind Control, “Leave The Kids Alone!” --- --- Christian YouTuber Crashes Drag Queen-Worshipping “Church” & Gets Kicked Out By Thug Security Guard --- --- 5G-Activated Zombie Apocalypse – Is It Coming? --- --- Ukrainian Puppet Zelensky Asks Demonic Witch Marina Abramović To Be “An Ambassador To Ukraine” & Rebuild Schools --- --- Video: Texas National Guard REPLACES Barbed Wire Border Fence Removed by Biden Administration --- --- VP Kamala Harris Becomes Biden’s ‘Gun Czar’ As War On Second Amendment Goes In Overdrive --- --- Teen, Whose Hit & Run ‘Murder’ of Biker Was Filmed By Friend, Told Cop: ‘I’ll Be Out In 30 Days’ --- --- Dallas, Texas Mayor Ditches Dems, Becomes Republican & Says ‘America Needs’ Conservative Politicians --- --- BREAKING: Pentagon Overlords Exempt Ukraine Operations From Government Shutdown --- --- Biden Praises ‘Congressional BLACK Caucus’ During Address to Hispanic Caucus --- --- The Covid Narrative Flunked the Critical Thinking Test --- --- Constitutional Lawyers Expose How Democrats Have Destroyed The U.S. Southern Border --- ---

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